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Sennheiser HD 558 Gaming Headphone Review

The headphones are one of the finest supporters in our gaming endeavors. In the world of the ever developing technology, we’re always aiming to settle with nothing less than the best.

Sennheiser HD 558 gaming headphones offer a great variety of features that greatly enhance the audio experience while gaming. Aside from the gaming, these headphones are very compatible with transcription, working, watching movies or plain listening to the music.

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The Sennheiser’s aim is a large selection of good-quality, sturdy headphones that evoke the sound that tells an emotional and wondrous story. Audiophiles can’t settle for the better pair of headphones that have the stunning sound.

In this article, we will talk about the design, features, advantages and disadvantages, and try to show you why are we so much in love with this pair of headphones.

The Features of Sennheiser HD 558

The Sennheiser HD 558 comes with various features which are why are they such a perfect value for the price. The manufacturer has managed to put comfort before appearance making these headphones look outstandingly basic and casual while feeling extremely comfortable for the ears. In terms of features, this is a very important trait knowing how uncomfortable we might get after hours of wearing headphones on our head.

Various enhancements in the audio system allow a fine, isolated sound output that converts truthful audio value and evokes different feelings of the listener.

Although this model doesn’t come with a remote or a microphone, it is intended for home stereo systems and computers in terms of gaming when it doesn’t come down to being a participant in the online gaming chats that are widely popular among the online gamers.

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Aside from the innovative outfit, the headphones feature E.A.R technology (learn more about E.A.R Technology) that has a goal to ensure completely accurate audio signal channeling towards the ears of the listener without turning the sound waves in the wrong direction and causing the sound to be heard outside the headphones. People that prefer listening to music in the library or café will find this feature quite helpful as they won’t need to get scolded by other people that surround them.

The headphones also come with the Duofol diaphragms that allow the unwanted resonance to silence themselves to the point they can’t be heard anymore and therefore interrupt the rich, vivid listening process.
One of the main features that I liked consists of a sophisticated, cushy pads that allow the comfortable and convenient wearing despite the long periods of time using them.

Sound Quality

I was surprised with the sound of quality and prestige coming out from this headphones model.

When using these headphones, you will be relieved with the quality of audio output they convey towards your ears. The sound waves are handled with a lot of attention to details, clear and sharp sound that immerse with the listener followed with the high-quality, prestigious.

There are various features and utilities that reveal the reason behind this model’s success, great audio output, and clear sound waves.

Noise Isolation

Perhaps this factor isn’t mentioned frequently, or at least frequently enough to be noticed, isolation from the outside noise is a very important factor regarding every headphone model. It is of utmost importance for people who like to focus on the sound coming out from the headphones to be completely left out of their environment, from their surroundings.

Despite, the various proficient features the Sennheiser HD 558 offers poor outside noise isolation, meaning that it’s definitely not recommended to be used around the noisy clubs, rooms, public transport with a lot of people because despite the cushy ear buds you will be introduced with the outside noise much more rather than with the sound coming out from the headphones.

Design of Sennheiser HD 558

Like we’ve mentioned already, these headphones will appeal to everyone with enthusiasm towards comfort over the expensive, prestigious design. We’ve often seen gaming headphones get equipped with powerful, backlit LED sensors especially sporting the sinister red and icy blue color. These headphones have everything but that.

The circular design completely encloses your ears with the cushy ear buds that feel very comfortable and convenient on your ear, as much as all across your head. Other than the Sennheiser logo on the sides, you won’t notice anything significantly beautiful on this model. They are just a plain simple pair of headphones that values comfort and quality. It also features a 3.5mm jack for smaller devices such as smartphones, iphones and/or tablets.


Certainly, the most outstanding performance element is the “Internal Sound Reflector”. While you’ll feel like the audio is played far away it will actually be very close to your ear. It’s nice to see Sennheiser caring about the audio quality while keeping the health of our ears optimal. Its technology is based on reflecting the sound away from the ear while dragging it towards it.

Aside from this technology, the headphones offer crystal clear vocals with a lot of empathy and orientation towards the detail, the sound effects also sound outstanding. It seems like you’re attending a concert with an advanced quality of audio output. Same is for the gaming, it evokes your emotions and makes you feel as if you’re present inside a computer game itself.

Value for the Price

The Sennheiser HD 558 may be too costly considering the fact that they lack the remote and headphones. However with the audio output, Internal Sound Reflector and other features, we think that these headphones are worth every cent.


  • Outstanding features compared to the other models in the Range
  • Value for the Price
  • Great sense of space and crystal clear bass
  • Comfortable to Wear for Hours


  • Boring and ugly design for people that are looking for design over comfort
  • It’s not too comfortable for mobile devices
  • Poor outside noise isolation

Final Verdict

There’s nothing more to say for the one of the most proficient, powerful and superb model of headphones in this price range. Despite the poor noise isolation and a boring design you will figure out that the Sennheiser HD 558 has much more to offer than it doesn’t.

Checkout the Headphone

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