We all know Sennheiser for their quality, and we’re in for a world of superb music experience in 2017 according to their new headlines. Namely, the Sennheiser crew introduced the EM6000, their first 2-channel receiver. Not to mention that the location of the event was Las Vegas, of all places, so we can only say that it was a blast.

Now, Las Vegas is often brimming with life, and the Academy of Country Music Awards is one of the most prestigious events in music. Let’s do the math. Sennheiser, as the representative of the best manufacturers in the music industry. Las Vegas, as the city of Angels. The EM 6K, as the very definition of “cutting-edge“. If you haven’t been there, you’ll want to hear about it.

The estimated attendance of the event (live and TV) measured over 10 millions of people, and the news were bound to reach you sooner or later – the EM 6000 wireless is live.

EM 6000
Sennheiser EM 6000: 2-channel receiver for Live Production


Now, the Academy of Music Awards event was the first performance considering the wireless system for the Boys. Needless to say, they were thrilled and amazed with the quality of sound even before they got on stage.

I’m a huge fan of Sennheiser’s 5000 series wireless system and was very interested in upgrading to their newest digital wireless system,” he says. “The Digital 6000 seemed like an ideal choice for what we’re doing, especially at the Vegas shows where we keep our signal all-digital throughout.

Their engineer James McCullagh already knew a lot about Sennheiser tech, and the EM 6000 felt like a natural choice during the NAMM convention in January. Regarding the Sennheiser’s latest wireless receiver, James had this to say:

The event featured three units of EM 6K receivers (provided by the Sound Image), as well as the L 6K rack-mountable charging unit. Shortly, the leading tech professional from “Backstreet Boys” McCullagh’s experience with the latest Sennheiser tech was so thrilling and unique, as can be seen in his statement:

The sonic quality is amazing, and the stability of the frequencies is second to none

Not thousands, but millions of people enjoyed the new letter in technology

sennheiser Academy of music awards
Backstreet Boys team in performance of the ACMA / Sennheiser

The crowd was pleased, the Boys were thrilled. Even the professional staff on both sides shared the excitement and enthusiasm. Needless to say, the ACMA event was a success, and we can expect quite a lot from this technological giant in near future. Let’s see the feedback from Sennheiser themselves.

The Digital Revolution for a Wireless Future

Basically, Sennheiser is often regarded as one of the world-class leaders in the music industry, and for a good reason. Namely, the big guys at the company know what they’re doing – they’re ever-expanding and perceptive of the ever-changing flow of our digitalized culture.
The EM 6000 is just the first step on the stairway to the music tech perfection. We can safely assume that they won’t stop here. Byron Gaither, Artist Relations of Sennheiser had this to add on the topic:

“The future of wireless is digital, and Sennheiser is pleased to have had the opportunity to debut our latest digital wireless system, the Digital 6000, at the Academy of Country Music Awards with some of the nation’s top artists.

The Digital 6000 system is but the latest in a long line of industry-leading professional wireless systems from Sennheiser and, with its unprecedented clarity and reliability, will be a natural choice for live national events like the ACMAs that are viewed by millions around the country for a long time to come”