EarStudio Bluetooth Receiver

The decision of Apple to get rid of the audio jack when the iPhone 7 came out shocked the world. Many people had to adjust to a new headphones system, and it is not a secret that many people were completely unsatisfied. Now, Android is expected to perform the same unradical (to some) action. But, a California-based company Radsone is here to save the day, with the superb Bluetooth receiver EarStudio.

As for how it always is with the new, revolutionary projects, Radsone referred to the very core of all creative ideas that want to come to life – the Kickstarter.com.

Not much time passed until the newly published project exceeded the necessary funds to start the manufacturing process. And why wouldn’t it, when there are so many displeased people with the new system of headphones connectivity. Let’s dig into some features of the EarStudio, and see the technology that hides behind this lovely, button-like box.

How does EarStudio Bluetooth Receiver work?

EarStudio is the first studio-quality 24bit Bluetooth receiver in the world. It streams through Bluetooth to deliver the amazing stereo quality, whether are you using wired earphones, headphones, and the company claims even the speakers can stream through it.


The EarStudio uses the Qualcomm AptX HD codec to deliver the flawless crisp and quality sound and streams 24-bit music. As about the iPhone users, don’t be spooked. With the lack of 24-bit signal in mind, Radsone created a system which turns the 16-bit signal into the top-notch 24-bit music and streams it to your headphones.

Radsone aims to use the best out of Bluetooth to stream the studio-quality music. Being able to transmit a 24bit sound from just any music streaming device with a range from 16-bit to 24-bit is just amazing, especially for the codecs such as SBC, apt-X, and AAC. In addition to this feature, there is a DCT system that is already implemented in other great brands’ products, such as Audio-Technica, LG, and others.

It doesn’t hurt to mention that the Randsone included a hands-free, high-sensitive microphone in this Bluetooth receiver, which provides a superb voice input while eliminating the ambient noise, and clearing your voice.

The power of DCT

DCT, better known as Distinctive Clear Technology, is one of the best features the EarStudio can possibly have. Completely dedicated to the termination of distortions, humming, and general noises in the digital signal, it contributes to a more precise, dynamic, and detail-rich sound. It doesn’t only sound natural to the ear, but it also improves the sound streamed to your headphones.

Furthermore, it eliminates the quantization errors, which results in absolutely everything we always wanted our headphones to be.

DCT Blue

In order to make this technology functional on Bluetooth streamed devices, DCT got its’ Bluetooth-friendly option called DCT Blue. Being newly developed, the first device that will test it is, indeed, EarStudio. Radsone has made it perfect, by enabling it to stream a jitter-free audio which is wireless in the process. DCT Blue is an amazing option to eliminate the jitter, hums, and distortion in order to deliver audio output full of crisp.

2 External DACs

How does this actually work? Aside from being the first Bluetooth receiver which adapts two external DACs, it uses the DualDrive, newly developed technology, which not only enhances the overall hardware performance, but also doubles it in terms of quality, making it faster, smoother, and more reliable. Two external DACs (Asahi Kasei AK4375a) contribute to more performance, but also a greater range of headphones.

The 3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced jacks


In order to enhance the connectivity range of the headphones, EarStudio uses two ports. There is the regular 3.5mm jack, which is a standard on the vast majority of wired headphones throughout the years. However, there is also a 2,5mm jack which eliminates the DC distortion and noise which comes from the analog components.

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USB Playback

Rather uncommon, but not impossible. With the EarStudio, you can enjoy the best of your music even while you are charging it. This compact gadget sports the USB micro port, USB Audio Class 1.0, which not only charges your Earstudio but also allows you to actually listen to the music without interruptions even while the gadget is charging.
The Lossless USB will not let you down, so even when the already long battery life runs out, the music is not going to let you down.

The Battery Life

It is a well-known fact that most of the Wireless headphones are arrogantly expensive. Even with such a price tag, they don’t offer an extensive battery life the headphones should normally offer. This gadget allows you to spend 14 hours listening to the music uninterrupted. This being said, this compact device can be taken even to the trip, and it won’t disappoint you as it lasts more than the daylight does.

The Connect App

Connect App

Randsone’s Earstudio Bluetooth receiver sports a connect app, for both iOS and Android phones. Basically, this connect app is here to allow you to make the best setting you need to achieve the audio pleasure.

Aside from the adjusting power, the Connect app also features a DJ mode, which is great for the users with the DJ headphones. Aside from that, you can adjust the settings of the DCT mode as well and even perform the hardware control.

The Aesthetics

Despite holding so many features, and different technologies and codecs, the Earstudio Bluetooth Receiver weighs only 20 grams and measures up to a thumb size. You can attach it to your shirt or jacket, so that it can be close to the headphones, and make you look stylish and tech-savvy in the process.

You can choose from the colors black, white, pink, and beige. All options look lovely, and can easily fit with any outfit.

Final Verdict

The EarStudio Bluetooth receiver is still not available for distribution. The project easily exceeded the initial budget and promises to add additional features with the increment in pledges. If you order now, you can get the Super Early Bird pack for only $49, and the family pack for $180. We are crossing our fingers and looking forward to the distribution of EarStudio.

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