It is hard to enjoy your favorite tracks on a standard pair of earbuds as you work out. CONDUIT Sports offers an elegant solution for those who frequently have to shuffle between in-ear and off-ear headphones as they move from activity to the other. These are the world’s first earphones that combine the immersive and non-immersive audio experiences in a single device.


CONDUIT Sports ensures stellar audio quality for the sound lovers by integrating the In-Ear and Off-Ear bone conduction technology in a single device.

Non-Immersive vs. Immersive Audio Experience

CONDUIT Sports transmits the audio signals to the inner ear via bones using the Off-Ear bone conduction technology.

The use of this technique allows the listener to detect the surrounding sounds while enjoying the music. The superior equalization of the CONDUIT Sports provides an enhanced sound experience.

The In-Ear technology cuts out the sounds from the surrounding environment and thus ensures an immersive audio experience.


CONDUIT Sports can quickly toggle between the In-Ear and Off-Ear mode. Soon as you unplug the earphones, the integrated proximity sensors in the device will detect the change and automatically switch to the in-ear speaker output. CONDUIT Sports is also fitted with a button to provide better control.

Design and Specs

The 7.8mm dynamic drivers drive CONDUIT Sports headphones that weigh approximately 42 grams. With the frequency range of 10 hertz to 20,000 hertz,  the earphones will ensure that your listening experience is nothing short of audio bliss.


CONDUIT Sports is compatible with both the Android and the iPhone. The wireless headset employs the Bluetooth 4.2 to pair up with your device. For easy hands-free call answering, the bone-conducting earphones come with the noise-cancelling microphones.


CONDUIT Sports can last up to six hours with music blasting through it at full volume. When it runs out of juice, the users can fully charge the battery in just under two hours using a micro USB port.

Usage & Controls

The stylish and manageable design allows the users to wear the CONDUIT Sports discreetly around the neck to enjoy their music on the Bassteck™ earphones. The users can also live both the In-Ear and Off-Ear™ sound experience when they wear the headset on their head.


The user-friendly layout of the CONDUIT Sports allows easy access to control panel, forgoing the need of reaching for your smartphone every time you need to adjust volume, answer and end calls, scroll through your playlist, pause audio, etc. The volume buttons also provide access to your iPhone or Android handset and allow the users to switch from In-Ear mode to Off-Ear™, and vice versa.

Conduit Assist™

CONDUIT Sports comes with the Conduit Assist™, a voice package designed to remind you to power up your battery when it runs low, assists in Bluetooth tethering, and resolving connectivity issues.


Endorsed by the likes of Micheal Clark, and Steve Mesler, CONDUIT is revolutionizing your audio experience. Learn more about CONDUIT in this video: