Blue Satellite Premium Headphone

Blue Microphones is the Californian audio innovator, widely known to refine the sound qualities beyond the current best, and of course their microphones.

Blue Satellite is the series that featured the first wireless headset produced by Blue Microphones.

Built-in amp and ANC featured in $400 Blue Satellite Premium Headphone
Blue Satellite Premium Headphone

The headsets deploy innovative and clever approaches to manipulate sound signals and bring a sensational sound to the speakers.

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Talking about these clever approaches, the first and probably the most impressive technology in Blue Satellite headphones is the amplifier.

The audiophile-grade amp connected with 44mm drivers primarily increases the volume of the music.

But the amazing job that this amp performs is that it pulls out even the minutest of details present in a sound signal, you can only imagine the sensation.

 Blue Satellite Premium Headphone
Blue Satellite Premium Headphone

The second most interesting feature in Blue Satellite Premium Headphone is their Active Noise Cancellation feature.

Even the design of the Blue Satellite Premium Headphone and its cups is plotted to further motivate the room for even better and clearer sound.

The approach that Blue takes is patent pending, which shouldn’t be a surprise as Blue Satellites are the only headphones which were able to feature these manipulations as a built-in feature.

The active noise cancellation is connected to a secondary set of 30 mm drivers, which ensures that your primary music stays uninterrupted.

The best sound quality of Blue Satellite Premium Headphone is achieved by connecting the headphones via the aptX Bluetooth, which has over 10 meters of signal range.

The battery of the device can keep the unit powered for a whole day if the sound is listened as it is sent from the Bluetooth.

Using the amplifier and ANC feature will cost in a battery charge of 8 hours only.