Mpow is the first thing that pops up when you are searching for the combination of stylish and functional, yet affordable. Mpow is a known manufacturer of headphones and other audio equipment, excelling for their futuristic design, worth, and quality that lasts and sets a superior standard in the headphone market. M3 Over Ear Mpow Bluetooth headphone is a pair of extremely versatile and beautiful headphones. But, what makes it stand out from the sea of the ordinary?

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We have thoroughly tested Mpow Bluetooth headphone, and in this review, we are going to talk about its’ features, design, and performance, and whether are they worth a try.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones – Features

The Mpow Bluetooth headphone equips a lot of futuristic and handy features that are found on the vast majority of today’s headphones. The features include Bluetooth 4.0, superb passive noise isolation, decently long battery life, and much more.

Bluetooth 4.0 and the wired option

The Mpow Bluetooth headphone is naturally equipped with the Bluetooth 4.0 technology, built in the CSR chip. The pairing process is pretty fast and simple, which enables you to use them whenever you want. It is important to say that the connection is pretty stable, and doesn’t get interrupted easily. Capable of swift connection, it leaves a lot of time to the music lovers who are always in hurry by enabling them to stay connected to their device no matter where they go.

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The range is around 33 feet (10 meters) which are perfect for cleaning the room, or anything in particular which drags you away from your phone, or other Bluetooth supporting device.

Alternatively, the Mpow Bluetooth headphone comes with the 3.5 mm Aux cable which connects to the headphones whenever you are in a fixed position or want to save the battery.

Respectful Battery

The Mpow headphones are equipped with a 420 mAh battery, with the voltage of 5 Volts. You will find that 13 hours of continuous music experience is sufficient, but less compared to some other models from our previous reviews. For the moderately priced headphones such as Mpow Bluetooth headphone, the 13 hours of listening to the music, and 15 hours of calling are more than enough if you want to use these headphones for traveling, working, or studying.

The charging time varies. However, it mostly lasts up to five hours in the worst case. We do admit, that it could take less. But, finding an inexpensive model with so many bells and whistles is often a compromise.

Passive Noise Cancelling

Unfortunately, the Mpow Bluetooth headphones are not equipped with the popular active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. Instead, aside from the oval, closed-out, over-ear design, they sport cushy layers of protein foam which close out the noise. The manufacturer doesn’t promise the ultimate noiseless experience, but just enough to moderately shut down the ambient noise, and save the battery life for the lasting listening experience. We will explain this deeper in the design section, but if you are looking for the headphones with the active noise cancellation technology, you can take a look at the best noise canceling headphones under $100 buying the guide.

Mpow Bluetooth Headphones – Design

It is not a secret that Mpow invests a lot of time and effort to make their headphones durable, and give them a futuristic and competitive accent.

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The design of the Mpow Bluetooth headphone is extremely beautiful, as it features stylish, red textures and gives the impression of the premium, sub-$100 headphone models. It is nothing new that Mpow creates their headphones to look pricier than they are, but this time they exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Like many of the headphones under $50, the Mpow Bluetooth over-ear headphones feature sturdy, shiny plastic build that surrounds the headphones. However, the shiny, silver plastic, which is etched in the middle of the cups, gives the headphones some pristine gestures. The appealing part is also the small indicators inside the headband which specify which ear pad is right, and which one is left.


The headphones feature the over-ear style and the oval shape that might not be comfortable for the people with larger heads. However, there were no complaints when it comes to combining them with the glasses.

The Mpow Bluetooth headphones feature large, cushy ear pads, and a large layer of memory protein on the top of the headphones. They are definitely crafted for lasting and extended comfort. However, even the manufacturer doesn’t recommend them to be worn for too long. This memory protein foam is supposed to make your ears feel comfortable, cool, and painless while providing the superb isolation from the outside noise in the process. Even though there are several adjustments that can be made in order to increase the quality of comfort, in order to prevent a headache or a migraine, the headphones shouldn’t be worn for extended periods of time.


It doesn’t hurt to mention that the Mpow Bluetooth headphones feature a foldable design for the portable use. The whole folding process is fairly easy, as the folding mechanism is located at the hinges of the headphone. Being able to fold your headphones and place them in the compact bag that is included in the package is great when you need to save space, or you don’t want to risk breaking them while carrying them to the trips.

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Our initial model comes in the red and black combination of colors. However, we also liked the discrete black and gray design which is available aside from the original headphones.


The headphones are quite lightweight and portable thanks to the 0.69 lb weight. The featherweight ergonomics of these headphones allow you to take them with you anywhere, without feeling them inside your bag. Unfortunately, wearing them for too long is another story.

Performance of Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

Finding headphones with the combination of innovative features, stylish design, and exceptional performance is an extremely demanding task. When it comes to fitting the budget, it is even harder. Mpow’s price-tag fits every budget, but it is the performance that is crucial to certain headphone’s quality.

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The Mpow Bluetooth headphones give a superb performance for the price. Below, we have given an in-depth explanation of what makes them perform so good on our tests.

The Sound Quality

The headphones consist of powerful 40mm Neodymium drivers and the Bluetooth CSR chip that contribute to the warm and detailed sound, full of crispiness. While listening to our favorite songs, we were greeted with the beautiful depth, and dynamic sound, free of outside noise thanks to the noise isolation.

The low-frequency bass is tremendous, ground-shaking, and strong. It adds onto the already amazing sound output, creating a high-powered combination that is a pleasure to listen, regardless of the favorite genre of music.

The controls

The controls hold location at the right ear cup. Thanks to their pretty deep, buttons, they might be difficult to click and find when the headphones are on you. The controls consist of several commands which include: volume up/down, next and previous song, power, play and pause, and obviously, call. The controls are not backlit.

However, there is a compact lit ring which powers blue once the headphones are powered, and also, blue and red, whenever the Bluetooth pairing is ready. Unfortunately, in the wired mode, the controls don’t work. You will have to stick to your phone, or PC controls instead.

The Microphone

The microphone is placed in a hole on the bottom of the left ear cup. It is an ideal microphone for phone calls. It doesn’t provide the perfect quality of voice input. However, the person on the call will hear you loud and clear, more than enough to understand you. Unfortunately, neither the microphone works, once that the wire is attached.

Pros and Cons of Mpow Bluetooth Headphone

The Mpow Bluetooth headphone sports a lot of features. But, it would be good to mention some pros and cons that are included in the package.


  • Respectful Sound Output
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with CSR chip
  • Decent Battery
  • Amazing sound isolation


  • They can get uncomfortable and painful after the extended listening sessions. Also, the ear cushions can appear too small for people with larger ears.
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Value for the Price

In order to find absolutely perfect headphones, you will need to spend a couple of hundreds of dollars. We believe that it is possible to enjoy amazing music without spending more than your wallet weighs. The Mpow Bluetooth headphones are the perfect example. They are available for less than $50, and in combination with the mesmerizing sound, and safeguard noise isolation, they are a wonderful buy.

Final Verdict

Mpow Bluetooth headphone is an ideal option for those who are looking for an affordable option with the powerful, and detailed sound. Their stylish around-ear design will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. Additionally, you can check out the giveaway on our site, and apply. Who knows, perhaps, you get picked.