Cowin E-7 Review - Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
Cowin E-7 Bluetooth Headphone /

Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Over-ear Headphone

Finding the best pair of headphones can be a very challenging task. The vast majority of people are looking for a casual solution that will feel either comfortable to their ears but also produce the best audio output possible, while the rest is looking for an original, proficient pair of headphones that do not only meet their day-to-day demands but, also, carries great variety of features that have their purpose. Cowin E-7 Over-ear Wireless Headphone in an Example of such precious.

Cowin E-7 Review - Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
Package includes the Cowin E-7 Headphone, A Carry Pouch, Charging Cable, Optional Auxiliary cable, Thank you card and User guide /
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This is when the Cowin E-7 Bluetooth headphones come to the scene. Engineered to be either comfort and audio friendly they yield great results in both casual use, gaming, and business. In this article, we will unpick some of the most important features of these headphones, uncover the design, quality and everything that will make you see how amazing these headphones actually are.

These headphones hold an exceptional value for the price which comes from the great, outstanding overall features.

Technical Specification

TypeOver-ear Headphone
Driver40mm large-aperture drivers
Frequency Response20Hz – 20,000Hz
Weight13.6 oz (385.55 gram)
Battery600mAh Lithium-ion Battery
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0, NFC Pairing, 3.5mm plug
Accessories Included
  • Cowin E-7 Over-Ear Headphones
  • Micro USB Charger Cable
  • 3.5mm male to male cable
  • Lather like carrying pouch
  • User Guide

Features of Cowin E-7

We like these headphones having the implemented Bluetooth feature. The users who are in constant movement, wrapped in the annoying, long wires will love the feeling of freedom and mobility while wearing these headphones. Finding a good pair of Bluetooth headphones can be very difficult, especially online, however, Cowin has designed these headphones to always correspond in favor with their user.

Here is the list of features the Cowin E-7 offers

  • 40mm driver
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC Connectivity
  • Active Noise Canceling
  • 600mAh Lithium-ion Battery with FastFuel Charging
  • Optional 3.5mm plug
  • Hands-free, Microphone & Controls

In the performance section, we will explain the performances of these features.

Design of the Cowin E-7

This model comes in the futuristic design, packed in a compact bag that is comfortable with traveling and also carrying to the places such as work, gym, and LAN parties. (It all depends on the purpose for these headphones.)

Over-ear, around the neck design

Being extremely lightweight (13.6 oz weight) and easy to wear around the neck, the E-7 is comfortable for any occasion including the studying, exercising and much more. The E-7 is one of the most comfortable and convenient pairs of headphones that we’ve got a chance to review.

Swiveling Earcups

They are simple to fit around the ear and easy to wear during the whole day, including the 90 degrees swiveling earcups. These comfortable headphones sport convenient, clear protein earpad and headband material which is great for delivering more comfort and relaxation. More importantly, the ears don’t hurt even after the hours of using.

You’ll see a nice branding of Cowin in all over the headphone and accessories. The right earcup, auxiliary cable, charging cable have the Cowin logo and title in it.

Performance Of Cowin E7

These headphones perform greatly on the ears. Their most memorable feature that successfully isolates the outside noise does the sufficient work while delivering the audio output sufficient for every audio enthusiast. These headphones are not directly restricted to any group but they are perfect for either transcription work, gaming and ordinary listening to the music. All in all, they deliver amazing sound along with comfy, cushy build.

Sound Quality

Cowin E7 Active noise cancelling headphoneThese headphones come with the 40mm ear-cup aperture drivers. Their purpose is to convey an extended audio frequency range. The ability of these headphones to deliver a clear, sharp and graceful sound that we can’t normally hear with other headphones is one of the best features these headphones have.

If you’re looking for the rich and concise bass, high-end frequency, and outstanding sound output features that deliver great, musical experience, then these headphones are for you.

Bluetooth and NFC Connectivity

Cowin E-7 Review - Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
Power, Bluetooth and Active Noise Cancelling Button /

Cowing E-7 Features Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connectivity. When you turn ON the BT button in right ear cup, in your audio output device, you’ll see E7 Device to connect. It’s very easy to connect with Bluetooth and NFC as well.

Performance of Bluetooth connection is also very stable and strong. After connecting this with my PC, I’ve walked through my home, moved room to room and there wasn’t any lag or disturbance in sound and in sound quality.

Active Noise Cancelling

Cowin E-7 Review - Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
Active Noise Cancelling Button /

The most remarkable thing you can get from these headphones is the outstanding, perfect noise canceling. The vast majority of headphones cannot cover the sound of our surroundings, leaving us with the loud people, engines and transport options. This is not the case for the Cowin E-7 noise canceling headphones.

This being said, with the right adjustments in the setting up and volume, these headphones will allow you to hear the music and nothing else.

In order, to completely isolate yourself from the noise of the outside environment, you will have to Activate the Noise Cancelling technology. There’s an ANC switch on the headphones that automatically shuts out the noise that comes from the outside of the headphones, leaving you with nothing but the peace and the music.

Optional 3.5mm Auxiliary Connectivity

There might be situations where either you can’t use Bluetooth or you can’t recharge the headphone. That doesn’t mean you can’t use the Headphone. Cowin provides an optional 3.5mm Auxiliary cable with 3.5mm plug in the headphone to listen to music direct from your audio output device. Just remember, when using the headphone using the aux cable, you can’t turn on the ANC, but I believe it is still a good feature.

Durable 600mAh Lithium-ion Battery

An extremely fast charging process named FastFuel will make you fall in love with these headphones even more. With FastFuel Chargin, 10 minutes of charge will give you 1 hour play time. Cowin E-7 has a built-in 600mAh Lithium battery ensures 30 hours of battery life for exploring the audio and musical world through these headphones. Moreover, even when they get empty these headphones recharge swiftly.

Additionally, the great battery life, wireless features, and fast recharging make this pair of headphones very traveling friendly. You can rest assured that your traveling time will pass faster when listening to the good-quality music but, more about that below this paragraph.

Hands-free, Microphone & Controls

Cowin E-7 Review - Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Headphone
Cowin E-7 Volume and Next/Previous control buttons /

Hands-free: Once connected with Bluetooth with your smartphone, you can use this headphone as your Hands-free device.

Controls: Controls are located in right ear cup and buttons has plus and minus icon to indicate the functionality. On a single click, the track will go next and previous tracks. To increase or decrease volume, you need to make a long press and it will execute the command.

Microphone: The microphone is located exactly on the board itself along with the volume and Bluetooth switch. Generally, the microphone picks up the valuable sound input meaning, that the people who are talking to you won’t have trouble hearing you. The microphone set on the board is not often seen in the headphones of this price range however, the microphone is of great quality and even the gamers who are streaming will enjoy it.

Value For the Price

Being less than $70, Cowin E-7 is a great value for the price. There are currently no headphones with this price-tag that can deliver so many memorable features and settings and such great sound quality. These headphones represent the balance between the price and quality and on top of everything, they are far more portable and mobile compared to the wired headphones that easily break.

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Active  Noise Canceling
  • Great Sound-Quality with 40mm Driver
  • Durable 600mAh Lithium-ion Battery with FastFuel charging
  • Futuristic Design with 90-degree swiveling 
  • Optional 3.5mm aux connection
  • Lightweight & comfortable
  • The headphones are not foldable but that doesn’t make them any less amazing than they actually are.
  • No aptX encoding
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Final Verdict

At the end of the day, you will figure out that these headphones have much better features than most of the headphones around this price range. Coming with a great variety of features that are frequently used today, these headphones will introduce you to the new, clear sound frequencies and tunes that you couldn’t hear before. You can also learn more at the official website

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