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A word or two about Bose and QuietControl


Bose Corporation (otherwise known as Bose), is a corporation that primarily deals with musical equipment, their designs, and import. The founder of this great company is Amar G. Bose (hence the name).

We’re mainly interested in Bose QuietControl 30 which belongs to their series of headphones, but the Bose is also a famous manufacturer of many top models of wireless speakers. They have implemented similar technology in the construction of their headphones (only in a smaller Bose Corporation variant), so if you have ever had an opportunity to enjoy music from one of their speakers, you can get a clear picture of what you can expect from Bose headphones.

Bose QuietControl Series

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Originally, the first series of headphones Bose created was Bose Quiet Comfort (released back in 2000), and they were a huge hit on the market. People liked them for their amazing sound quality and convenient wires and Over-ear design.

Needless to say, they have improved their design drastically over the years, and have recently released an improved model – Bose QuietControl 30 (also known as Bosh QC30). The main reason why this name was given to both series is because they excel in exterior sound isolation and noise reduction.

Why should you know about these series?

The only notable difference between the models is the design and the name. Bose names their products in a very simple name – they introduce a series and simply add a number next to it, so it’s not very descriptive.

If you owned a pair of these earphones before, don’t be dissuaded if they didn’t exactly cut it out for you. Bose Quiet Control offers superior quality and ambient noise reduction when compared to any other Bose model.

Features of Bose QuietControl 30

When we take a first look at Bose Quiet Control 30, we couldn’t exactly say what this model is comprised of. It definitely looks like a pair of wireless headphones, but what’s inside – eyes couldn’t possibly tell.

Li-Ion Batteries

Upon further inspection, we’ve discovered that this Bose model comes equipped with a special Lithium-Ion battery (which is also known as Li-Ion battery). This feature definitely makes these headphones special as they provide 10 hours of playtime per charge.

Lithium-ion batteries are also easily rechargeable, and that’s what makes them even more valuable.

Beside this exceptional feature, Bose Quiet Control 30 is supplied with a dual-microphone system with exceptional noise-rejecting qualities.

Phenomenal noise-rejecting Capabilities

bose quitecontrol 30 reviewUsually, only Aviator headphones (the ones with large ear cups and a headband) are capable of reducing the exterior sound due to their large, foamed cups. However, Quiet Control 30 is also capable of rejecting outside noise through majestic sound equalization, which is the next segment which we will discuss.

Amazing sound equalizer

The phenomenal sound equalizer represents the preset functions which affect the overall sound output of these earphones. Putting it simply, the reason why music sounds so good when you listen to it by using Bose Quiet Control 30 is because the sound output was engineered to be superior.

Anyhow, this feature affects the entire Audio Spectrum of Bose Quiet Control 30:

  • Barely present sub-bass
  • Phenomenal bass
  • Decent Low midrange
  • Outstanding midrange
  • Satisfactory Upper midrange
  • Decent presence
  • Majestic brilliance

If these terms sound too complicated for you, we don’t mind shedding some light on the issue:

The sub-bass represents the sounds at the lowest frequencies, and the reason that these are barely present at Bose quiet control 30 is because too much sub-bass can hurt your ears.

Regular bass represents the vibrations at low frequencies, whereas low midrange is comprised of audio frequencies between bass and midrange.

Upper midrange, presence, and brilliance are what people like to call “highs”, and it’s quite important that Bose quiet comfort boasts these superior features.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Another quite ordinary, but very useful feature is the Bluetooth connectivity. We’ve already mentioned that Bose QuietControl 30 are wireless headphones, so the only way to actually use them would be via Bluetooth connection.

If we take all of these features into account, we can summarize that the features of Bose QuietControl 30 are:

  • Powerful Li-Ion batteries – they give an amazing 10 hours of music playtime;
  • Phenomenal Noise-Rejecting capabilities – Enjoying your music was never this intimate and personal;
  • An Amazing sound equalizer – one of the main reasons of Bose Quiet Control 30 sound quality and supremacy;
  • Bluetooth connectivity – A convenient way to enjoy your music

The Design of Bose QuietControl 30

bose quitecontrol 30 review
Bose QuiteControl 30 In-ear Headphone

The design of Bose QC 30 is different from any similar model – even if we are to compare it to the design of other Bose headphone series. Surely, they look quite ordinary, but that’s not all there is to it.

This amazing model has a special design which can be considered as a combination of practical headphone earbuds and a neckband.

We can only speculate what is the logic behind this extraordinary design, but we would be very close if we are to say that the main reason would be convenience. Bose Corporation took notice of a problem that people faced with their earbuds, and simply implemented a logical solution.

However, there are some models (even in Bose series) that have dealt with this problem differently, if not even more appropriately. Some models have a secure fit feature which prevents the earbuds from falling out of your ears, and we can speculate that the implementation of this design had the same idea.

Either way, this design is unique, and we can’t discredit it for being innovative. Be creative, and you just might find a way to use it to your advantage.

Performance Bose QuietControl 30

The performance of this exquisite Bose model revolves around the features and the design of Bose QCl 30. Most of the benefits are derived from the purposes of features while the design itself provides the great advantage of convenience.

Anyhow, it would be best if we took a step back, and if we break the benefits and advantages into several smaller performance categories:

Exceptional Technology of Bose QC 30

This is, perhaps, the greatest advantage you can benefit from – if you are searching for a pair of high-quality earbuds, you want the sound to be good. The factor which provides this is the technology of Bose quietcontrol 30.

We have already mentioned that Bose Corporation works hard on improving their models, and QC 30 is one of their latest inventions. The gathered empirical knowledge, years of trial and error and skilled workforce are the reasons why Bose headphones offer superior sound quality.

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Wireless Convenience

Being wireless, Bose QuietControl 30 gets rid of most problems with tangled cables that people hate the most. By simply connecting these headphones to your cell phone device, you can easily enjoy your music. When you decide to pause, you won’t have to take out your cell phone, do it manually, return it, and go through the process again.

Long playtime

As QuietControl 30 is equipped with Li-Ion batteries, you can enjoy up to whole 10 hours of your music. This becomes valuable on longer trips (trains, airplanes, cross-country trips), but you won’t be disappointed if you are a gamer.

Outstanding Ambient Noise Reduction

This feature is not only good when you are listening to music. These earphones can be used to receive or transmit calls. You would be surprised at how clear the tone of your voice can be, and how crystalline the reception gets when you exclude the ambient noise.

Innovative neckband design

Since these earphones are wireless, there must be something to which they need to be attached to. Implementing the use of a headband would not be such a good idea (since there are special headband earphones like Aviator, for example), so Bose Corporation decided to use a neckband as a substitute.

This makes listening to music more convenient and takes care of the problem with the storage of your earphones. Whenever you decide that you don’t want to listen to music anymore, simply take them off and they will smoothly dangle about your neckband.

Value for the Price

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This is definitely not as easy as it seems, as Bose QuietControl 30 is expensive, but it also offers exquisite features of enormous value. The features themselves are the main reason why these earphones are extremely valuable. The performance deserved four out of five stars because the audio output and convenience are beyond satisfactory, but the design is simply innovative and practical.

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The Final Verdict

Passing on the final verdict is easy when we take into account all of the great benefits you could take advantage from if you opt for these earphones. Extraordinary sound quality and noise rejection capabilities, maximum convenience and comfort, long battery lifespan, and lightweight design are just some of the reasons why these earphones should be considered. Quite expensive, but extremely valuable.

Hopefully, you have learned something about Bose QuiteControl 30 In-ear Headphone, but why just stop there? Have a look at our other In-Ear Headphone Reviews. There are many other good headphones out there.