What are the Surround Sound Headphones?

Surround sound headphones are the types of headphones that come supplied with superior sound output when compared to other categories of headphones.

Their audio performance capabilities exceed that of any other headphone set in many ways.

The listening experience is full and unobstructed, the fatigue can hardly be felt, and the sound itself features more depth and clarity.

We’re here to provide you with the top 10 Best Surround Sound Headphones, explaining in detail what they can offer you, what their advantages are, and what their potential flaws are.

10 Best Surround Sound Headphones

SNImageTitleFeaturesWhere To Buy
1Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB Gaming Headset7.1 channel surround powered by Dolby
Full size, open back ear cups
Pro quality, boom mounted microphone
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2Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60 with DTS Headphone7.1 y Surround Sound - DTS Headphone
Thunderous 60mm speakers, Noise Isolation
Dynamic Chat Boost
Microphone Monitor
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3SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming HeadsetDolby virtual 7.1 surround sound technology
for PC/Mac PS3/4 Xbox 360 and Apple TV
Two hot-swappable Li-Ion batteries for unlimited play
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4Black Ops II Tango Programmable Wireless Gaming HeadsetBlack Ops II Voice prompts; Adjustable Surround Sound Angles
Dual-pairing bluetooth
Wireless XBOX Live and PSN Chat; Voice Morphing
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5Skullcandy PLYR1 Surround Sound Gaming HeadsetDolby Digital PLIIX 7.1 + GMX DOBLY
EQ3 Equlizer Modes
Pivoting Boom Mic
Compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC
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6Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Ghosts Ear Force SpectreHigh Fidelity Audio - Massive 50mm drivers
Dynamic Chat Boost
Independent Volume Controls
Compatible With PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Mac, and Mobile Gaming Devices
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7Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 USB Gaming HeadsetThe built-in advanced 7.1 virtual surround sound engine
On-demand crystal-clear communication
50 mm audio drivers
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8Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Professional Closed-back HeadphonesS-Logic Natural Surround Sound Plus
Dynamic principle, closed
Ultra Low Emission MU-Metal shielding
Neutrik connectors
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9Ultrasone HFI-780 S-Logic Professional Closed-back HeadphonesDynamic principle
Closed-back design
1/8 inch gold plated plug, gold plated screw adaptor
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10Sennheiser PC 373D - 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset7.1 channel surround powered by Dolby
Full size, open back ear cups
Pro quality, boom mounted microphone
Gaming Expert
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Now lets have a look at details review of each Surround Sound Headphones here. But before looking at the review if you want to know more details about these types of headphones, we have a Surround Sound Headphone Buying Guide after the review section. Have a look at there first.

10 Best Surround Sound Headphones

10SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headset

[amazon box=”B016YGMH9U” template=”fullimage” title=”SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headset” image_size=”large” description=”Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound for PC/Mac PS3/4 Xbox 360 and Apple TV (Formerly H Wireless)”]

An amazing earphone headset that’s supplied with several features that make it quite special. You can purchase it at a decent price and in seven different colors. Phenomenal sound output, plain design, very comfortable, but the earcups might be too bulky. Anyhow, great product with an amazing value.


SteelSeries Siberia headphones feature a powerful set of speaker drivers and an incredible soundstage. The Closed-back design makes them extremely comfortable to wear while the Dolby 7.1 surround sound system technology makes them one of the best wireless surround sound headphones on the market.


  • Superior soundstage – great mids, deep bass, and accurate highs;
  • Closed-back design – amazing comfortability;
  • Dolby 7.1 surround sound system – one of the best surround sound technologies;
  • Two Lithium-Ion batteries – long lifespan and great reliability;
  • Memory foam cushions – increased comfort;
  • Versatile design – available in seven different colors;


  • Moderate price – not too expensive, but definitely not cheap
  • Bulky earcups – comfortable, but quite large;

Value for the price

It does cost quite a lot for a headphone set, but the soundstage and comfortability make it very valuable for the price.

[amazon box=”B016YGMH9U” template=”horizontal” description=”Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound for PC/Mac PS3/4 Xbox 360 and Apple TV (Formerly H Wireless)” title=”SteelSeries Siberia 800 Wireless Gaming Headset”]

The final verdict

You could find a model that looks better. You could find a model that offers a better price, but you would find it pretty hard to find a model with the same audio capabilities.

9Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60

[amazon box=”B00I0S7JH6″ template=”fullimage” title=”Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60″ image_size=”large” description=”DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PC and Mobile Devices”]

Turtle Beach manufacturer excels in making gaming headsets of the greatest quality, and Turtle beach Ear Force Z60 is a perfect example of their supremacy. It features great sound isolation, dynamic chat setting, various modes of surround sound settings, and it’s not overly expensive.


These wireless surround sound headphones come equipped with immersive surround sound technology, unprecedented sound and comfort ratings, various surround sound settings, dynamic chat feature, and a microphone monitor.


  • High-quality surround sound system – The surround sound system is very powerful and accurate.
  • Great sound and comfort – This model features one of the most powerful speakers on the market (60mm) which give a sound output of highest quality. Mesh cushions and noise isolation provide optimum comfort;
  • Surround sound settings – you can customize your experience with these features;
  • USB setup – easy to install and simple to use;
  • Microphone monitor – you can hear yourself at all times with the microphone monitor;


  • The control box can get quite hot after prolonged usage;

Value for the price

Even though these earphones might be a bit more expensive if we compare them to a standard earphone set, they’re quite cheap for a high-quality pair. Furthermore, they’re packed with outstanding features that make them even more valuable. All in all, phenomenal value for the price.

[amazon box=”B00I0S7JH6″ template=”horizontal” description=”DTS Headphone: X 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PC and Mobile Devices” title=”Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60″]

The final verdict

If we take into account all of the features that this headphone model comes supplied with, we could easily come to a conclusion that they’re one of the best cheap wireless surround sound headphones that money can buy.

8Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Tango

[amazon box=”B00886XQO0″ template=”fullimage” title=”Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Tango” image_size=”large” description=”Programmable Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset”]

These gaming headphones are named after the famous PC action Shooter Call of Duty – Black Ops II, and rightly so if I might add. Gamers fall into the “audiophile” category because they value a high-quality sound, and Turtle Beach is more than happy to oblige. If you are into immersive, unreal sound, this might be your best bet.


Turtle Beach Call of Duty wireless surround sound headphone model is equipped with optimized presets, voice prompts, dual-pairing Bluetooth feature, a wireless XBOX & PSN chat, a rechargeable battery, and voice morphing.


  • Professional gaming headphones – ideal for gamers, musicians, and audiophiles;
  • Black Ops optimized presets, voice prompts, and sound angles – full, immersive sound and listening experience;
  • Dual-pairing Bluetooth function – you could attach more headphones to a single unit;
  • Rechargeable battery – great lifetime and full rechargeability;


  • Very expensive – this model costs quite a lot;

Value for the price

It’s true that quality comes at a price, but nobody ever said that it would be such an enormous one – these headphones cost a lot, but they are a keeper. Once you get hooked to the immersive surround sound technology it’s hard to go back. Great value for the price.

[amazon box=”B00886XQO0″ template=”horizontal” description=”Programmable Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset” title=”Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Black Ops II Tango” image=3]

The final verdict

You would find it very hard to come across a wireless headphone model that offers similar features to this one. Great quality, decent durability, unprecedented sound, but it’s pricey.

7Skullcandy PLYR 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset SMPYFY-072

[amazon box=”B00C2B355W” template=”fullimage” image_size=”large” description=” ” title=”Skullcandy PLYR1 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset”]

Skullcandy PLYR Wireless gaming headphones are beautiful, powerful, and capable of providing you with a unique music experience. You can choose between black and white color, and each is supplied with features that boast unprecedented quality.


These wireless surround sound headphones are supplied with advanced sound technology, Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound system, EQ3 equalizer settings, a pivoting mic, and supreme compatibility.


  • Supreme sound – The sound quality of these earphones can best be seen through a powerful, deep bass, precise highs, and clear mids;
  • Dolby Digital Surround Sound System 7.1 – Latest version of one of the best surround sound system technologies on the market;
  • EQ3 equalizier settings – optimized for various atmospheres such as games, movies, music, and more;
  • Pivoting mic – adjust it as you see fit;
  • Compatibility – these headphones are compatible with PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and most modern cell phone devices;


  • They’re quite small, if not tiny;

Value for the price

Skullcandy PLYR is moderately expensive but valuable for the price. They’re equipped with decent features, but they’re also quite small, so the overall value is not perfect.

[amazon box=”B00C2B355W” template=”horizontal” description=” “]

The final verdict

These earphones are great, especially if you have small ears – they’re small and people with larger heads might have a problem with fit, but if you could get past this small error in design, you could find much use of these earphones.

6Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Ghosts Ear Force Spectre Limited Edition Gaming Headset

[amazon box=”B00D96BO7K” template=”fullimage” title=”Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Ghosts Ear Force Spectre” image_size=”large” description=” “]

Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Ear Force Ghosts belongs to the Ear Force series alongside Kilo and Sierra. This wireless surround sound headphone series is famous for delivering the sound quality the gamers deserve, so if you’re the person that wants a good listening experience, you might want to consider Ear force Ghost.


Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Ear Force Ghost is equipped with Dolby surround sound system, dual-pairing, feature, a rechargeable battery, ear guards, and a variable mic monitor.


  • Dolby sound system – Full, immersive sound;
  • Dual-pairing Bluetooth – one of the Turtle Beach trademark features;
  • A rechargeable battery – phenomenal lifetime and rechargeability;
  • Variable mic monitor – introspective sound;


  • Kilo and Sierra models have a better design;

Value for the price

Moderately expensive, but very valuable nonetheless.

[amazon box=”B00D96BO7K” template=”horizontal” description=” ” title=”Turtle Beach Call of Duty: Ghosts Ear Force Spectre” image=2]

The final verdict

Even though other models from the same series might look better, Ear Force Ghost is capable of delivering the best sound output when compared to Kilo and Sierra. If we are to compare it to the best surround sound headphones, it could pose a serious competition.

5Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB

[amazon box=”B0148NPJ78″ template=”fullimage” title=”Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB” image_size=”large” description=”Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Microphone”]

Incredible, attractive design of Logitech Artemis Spectrum will surely allure you – it’s one of the most beautiful headphones on the market, but it also comes supplied with a set of very useful features.


Logitech Artemis Spectrum comes supplied with PR-G audio, the latest Dolby technology, foldable microphone and design, flexible wireless connection, and a long battery lifespan.


  • Attractive design – Artemis is one of the best-looking headphone sets on the market;
  • Flexible wireless connection – enjoy your headphones with wireless comfort;
  • Long battery lifespan – the battery of Logitech Artemis can last up to 12 hours;


  • It’s quite Sci-Fi, so gamers might love it while other people might not;

Value for the price

Absolutely amazing. Most high-quality headphones cost quite a bit, but that’s not the case with Logitech Artemis. Great price for the great features.

[amazon box=”B0148NPJ78″ template=”horizontal” description=”Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset with Microphone” title=”Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum RGB” image=3]

The final verdict

You’d be amazed at how much you can benefit from the manifold of advantages that Logitech Artemis can offer you. It’s not too expensive, and it comes supplied with great features. Absolutely remarkable.

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Wired Bestsellers Dolby Headphones

4Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 USB Gaming Headset

[amazon box=”B01LZM1WRC” template=”fullimage” title=”Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 USB Gaming Headset” image_size=”large” description=”7.1 Surround Sound with Retractable Digital Microphone and Chroma Lighting”]

Great, attractive design, phenomenal ambient noise reduction and full sound might be the best words to define Razer Kraken Chroma V2. Great sound output and a bargain price.


Razer Kraken Chroma V2 comes supplied with the built-in surround sound system, a Razer Synapse feature, a durable construction, and 50mm audio drivers.


  • Latest surround sound system – built-in 7.1 version surround sound system;
  • Very comfortable to wear – foam padded earcups and a comfortable headband;
  • Very durable – bauxite aluminum construction;


  • Headband is foldable, but it might not stay in place for a while;

Value for the price

Razer Kraken Chroma V2 is one of the cheapest wireless surround sound headphones on the market and It’s supplied with some serious features – exceptional value for the price.

[amazon box=”B01LZM1WRC” template=”horizontal” description=”7.1 Surround Sound with Retractable Digital Microphone and Chroma Lighting” title=”Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 USB Gaming Headset” image=1]

The final verdict

This model gives you the means to acquire a set of high-quality headphones for a bargain price. It does not excel in any field, but it’s great nonetheless.

3Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Surround Sound Headphone

[amazon box=”B001F00F0E” template=”fullimage” title=”Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Surround Sound Headphone” image_size=”large” description=”Professional Closed-back Headphones with Transport Box”]

The design is quite unconventional, but it’s very useful and compact. Ultrasone Pro 900 S-Logic headphones offer great sound output, a solid noise isolation, and great settings overall.


Ultrasone Pro 900 comes supplied with S-Logic Surround sound system, an optimal frequency range, great impedance rating, a set of powerful titanium drivers, and various useful features.


  • S-Logic Surround sound technology – It feels powerful and natural. Does not fatigue your ears.
  • Optimal sound frequency range – the frequency ranges between 6 and 42000 Hz;
  • Powerful set of titanium drivers – this model is supplied with 40mm drivers;


  • The design can be impractical at times;

Value for the price

These earphones cost quite a lot, but they can be considered as valuable if we take into account all the features it comes supplied with.

[amazon box=”B001F00F0E” template=”horizontal” description=”Professional Closed-back Headphones with Transport Box” title=”Ultrasone PRO 900 S-Logic Surround Sound Headphone”]

The final verdict

A decent soundstage, optimal frequency range, a powerful set of titanium 40mm drivers, and S-Logic Surround sound system make these earphones pretty great. Not perfect, but great.

2Ultrasone HFI-780 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Closed-Back Headphones

[amazon box=”B00101XVH2″ template=”fullimage” title=”Ultrasone HFI-780 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Closed-Back Headphones” image_size=”large” description=” “]

Another Ultrasone model, HFI-780 comes supplied with similar features when compared to the previous one. There are some crucial differences, but nothing substantial.


Ultrasone HFI-780 surround sound headphones come supplied with S-Logic surround sound system, the frequency range that’s inferior to Ultrasone 900, an improved level of sound pressure, and a decent impedance rating.


  • S-Logic surround sound technology – Ultrasone implements S-Logic technology in their products as a personal seal of quality;
  • A solid frequency range – ranges between 10 and 26000 Hz;
  • Sound pressure of up to 96 dB;


  • A slight improvement of the older model, but nothing substantial;

Value for the price

One of the cheapest surround sound headphones on the market, they’re decently valuable for the price.

[amazon box=”B00101XVH2″ template=”horizontal” description=” ” title=”Ultrasone HFI-780 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Closed-Back Headphones”]

The final verdict

While Ultrasone 900 might be a better candidate for the best surround sound headphone models, HFI-780 poses a stiff competition. Great headphones, but you could do better if you add some extra buck.

1Sennheiser PC 363D High-Performance Surround Sound Gaming Headset

[amazon box=”B008O515CK” template=”fullimage” image_size=”large” description=” “]

Sennheiser is a famous headphone brand, and this model is one of their masterpieces. This model features superior comfortability, great durability, and an incredible soundstage.


Sennheiser PC 363D comes supplied with a powerful soundstage, the latest version of Dolby surround sound technology, Comfortable earcups, and high-quality materials.


  • Unparalleled soundstage – Trademark Sennheiser quality sound features powerful and accurate soundstage;
  • The latest version of Dolby technology – 7.1 surround sound system;
  • Great durability and comfortability – Sennheiser implements the materials of highest quality in their products;


  • Very expensive;

Value for the price

Sennheiser PC 363D is extremely valuable for the price, even though it’s quite expensive.

[amazon box=”B008O515CK” template=”horizontal” description=” ” image=1]

The final verdict

It’s ideal for gamers because of the unparalleled soundstage and great noise isolation, but gamers could seldom afford a pair of such high-quality headphones. If you happen to get some cash on the side, this is your best bet of getting the best sound experience.

Surround Sound Headphone Buying Guide

What are the advantages and benefits of Surround Sound Headphones?

There are various advantages you can benefit from by owning a set of surround sound headphones

  • superior sound output,
  • conventional listening experience,
  • superb soundstage,
  • and most of these headphones can be considered as professional headphones.

Superior sound output

Surround sound headphones come supplied with multiple speakers, each one capable enough of delivering the greatest sound. People who enjoy their music with these headphones often feel as if they are “surrounded” with sound, hence the name “surround sound headphones“.

By being practically “surrounded” with music, you will feel the deep bass, you could grasp the catchy highs, and distinguish mids from lows. Every fragment of the sound you perceive is, by all means, better when compared to the traditional stereo speaker system.

Conventional listening experience

The second advantage of surround sound headphones is the conventional listening experience. Most people don’t even realize how tiring it can be to listen to music on their headphones – the cups themselves put pressure on our ears, but the music is going straight to the core as well. This incurs a certain level of fatigue, so most people avoid listening to music for hours.

By implementing the surround sound technology, this problem is solved with ease. The pressure of directed sound is erased by dividing it evenly between the speakers – you would feel more comfortable to listen to your music.

Superb Soundstage

The manufacturers of standard stereo headphones usually put the accent on the equalization of the soundstage. This is, obviously, a good choice when versatility is in question, so people can expect to hear every musical fragment individually. However, the inventors of Wireless surround sound headphones improved this idea.

By implementing a multitude of speakers, the soundstage could be divided into specific segments so that the user has the complete listening experience.

Professional Headphones

One of the best things about the wireless surround sound headphones is that they are versatile. Casual people could enjoy them a lot, but they’re equally capable of satisfying the needs of audiophiles and professional musicians and gamers.

Wireless Surround Sound Headphones – What makes them so special?

If you are interested in cheap headphones? Check out our 10 Best Cheap Wireless Headphones.

We’ve already mentioned the manifold of advantages these special headphone sets offer, but there are a lot more reasons why we should consider them special. On one hand, most models of wireless surround sound headphones are more expensive than regular headphones, but they boast a superior value for the price.

They are also wireless, so it’s quite obvious that they’re very easy to use. This feature gives them the flexibility that the users want – most corded earphones often provide a problem with twisted cords that either take too long to set straight or damage the aux input.

Lastly, wireless surround sound headphones are supplied with a surround system speaker set. One of the most renowned brands of surround systems is Dolby, and if you stumble upon a pair of headphones that has this feature, you could stop your search there.