Introduction – Beats Tour 2

Beats Tour 2 is a set of In-Ear headphones that comes supplied with a lot of features that excel in sound performance. The overall design of these earphones is quite basic, and the durability is beyond satisfactory. However, there are a lot of things that make this headphone set unique, and we’re here to let you know “why”.

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The Performance of Beats Tour 2

The original model of Beats Tour was incredibly reliable when it came to delivering the absolute sound output, and Beats Tour 2 does it even better. The improvement of the older model is not substantial, but the difference can be felt.

Knowing that there are various music genres and categories, it might be difficult to explain exactly “how” is Beats Tour 2 superior to the original version, but there are some things that we can say with certainty:

  • The bass output is less pronounced when compared to the original Beats Tour and it can easily be muffled when the volume exceeds 80%. This is a great option for people who are sensitive to strong vibrations;
  • Closed type design – these headphones are able of delivering the clearest sound;
  • Satisfactory ambient noise reduction – This is not one of the stronger points of Beats Tour 2 as you will still hear some sound. The lack of active ambient noise reduction can be bothersome, but you could still enjoy your music with a piece of mind;
  • Clear sound – If your music player has an equalizer option, you could get the best out of this headphone set. If, however, this is not the case, you could still get a clear sound, but the bass is quite strong so it can easily overpower the overall sound output;
  • Soundstage – the acoustics are decent, the vocals are quite pronounced, and the overall performance is improved. The change, however, is not too substantial when compared to the original model;

The Design of Beats Tour 2

Beats are famous for delivering compact headphones and Beats Tour 2 is a perfect example of a delivered promise. Even though the design is quite plain, Tour 2 looks quite cool and it’s incredibly small and compact. There are a couple of things that deserves mention when we speak about the design of Beats Tour 2:

  • Build  They are exceptionally well built;
  • Durable, sturdy, and reliable – they are manufactured of high-quality plastic and have passed some of the harshest testings;
  • Ergonomic design – Lightweight and small, they’re even more compact than the original model;
  • Earbud type – there are a lot of people who prefer this headphone category because of their easiness of use and compactness;
    Flattened buds – very beautiful and adorned with the signature Beats “B” logo;
  • Glossy finish – it augments the attractive design;
  • Chrome casing – Durable, reflective, and very beautiful;
  • Right and Left labels – this is very handy because some songs include a variety of instruments that are played on one bud;

The Features of Beats Tour 2

Beats are famous for implementing some very interesting features in the design of their headphones, such is the case with Beats Tour 2 as well. This headphone set comes supplied with:

Tangle-free cables

One of the most common problems people have with headphones are the cables. They tend to get entwined a lot and take a lot of effort to break loose. The tangle-free cable feature gets rid of this problem with great ease.

Superior sound drivers

The incredible sound performance of Beats Tour 2 was made possible by superior sound drivers. The soundstage is optimized for the best audio output, and you can expect quite a lot of this amazing headphone set.

Seamless transition

Talking over your phone was made easy by seamless transition – you could talk hands-free all day long without a single problem.

Perfect fit

The removable wingtips ensured a perfect fit. These earbuds are extremely comfortable to wear, but they are also stylish and incredibly attractive. This feature is an improvement of the older model which was also quite comfortable, but Beats Tour 2 comes on top when convenience is in question.

A durable construction

Hard plastic and chrome design make for a perfect combination of elegance, style, and durability. The construction of Beats Tour 2 is extremely durable and very reliable. The earbuds are not exactly waterproof or sweat-resistant like some models, but they are able to withstand mild rain.

Value for the price

The Beats Tour 2 is neither expensive or cheap. The price point category of this phenomenal headphone set is in the golden middle, but if we’re to decide the value for the cash we need to take into account all of the benefits you could take advantage from. This being said, Beats Tour 2 has an enormous value for the price.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of good things about these earbuds but there are also some that are bad. This section of our Beats Tour 2 review was made so that you could easily have access to all the benefits (but also all of the disadvantages) that these in-ear headphones can offer you.


  • Extremely fashionable outward appearance;
  • Very comfortable to wear;
  • Decent sweat & water protection – they might not make it if they are submerged, but they’re more than capable of surviving a hard exercise session in the gym;
  • Seamless transmission – Talk hands-free with this amazing feature;
  • Tangle-free cables – no more entwined cables, no sir;


  • Bass and treble are too strong and can easily overwhelm other soundstage segments;
  • There’s a slight buzz whenever you move the cable;
  • Moderate price when compared to budget headphone models;

The Final Verdict

There are, perhaps, better models that can be bought for a few bucks more, but if we take a look at the price point category of Beats Tour 2, we could easily see that there are no similar earphones that can replace them. Very good, but they’re not perfect.

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