Using a Wireless headphone is a much better choice than using Wired headphones. But the wireless feature comes with a higher price which is not always the best option. This 10 Cheap Wireless Headphones buying guide is created exactly for that reason. But if you still love the quality expensive headphones offer, you can check our article “10 Best Headphones Under $200“. Ya, we have wireless headphones listed there too.

In this post, we will try to suggest you the 10 Best Cheap Wireless Headphones, based on the price near to $50.00 at maximum or bellow that price, what other users feel about these headphones and there pros and cons. So, without much talking, let’s have a look at the list of the headphones first and then will move to in details.

Table of 10 Cheap Wireless Headphones

[amazon box=”B0001FTVEK,B01G2WTEF6,B00WGMRD2S,B01EN0OUUS,B017SR5GHE,B019C1MBWW,B01AXGV900,B01MTLUYHL,B00Q30A1RI,B015S2K05Y” template=”table” orderby=”price” order=”desc”]

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The top 10 Cheap Wireless Headphones Models

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So, you have an idea about which make it to our top 10 cheap Bluetooth wireless headphone list. Now let’s have look at each item separately with their pros and cons.

10MEE Audio Wave Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

[amazon box=”B015S2K05Y” template=”fullimage” description=” ” title=”MEE Audio Wave Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Headset Functionality” image_size=”large”]

We’ve just reviewed a small headphone set, so now it’s time for the big guns to come into play. The MEE Audio Wave headphones are quite large and practically lightweight – you won’t feel encumbered by them even after prolonged usage.

The 40mm drivers are the reason why the sound output from these earphones is so great. The HD audio is perfect for music and phone calls, but you would be surprised at how your experience with movies will change if you use this model while you’re watching them. The Secure-Fit design makes sure these earphones are in place.

  • 40mm drivers – HD sound;
  • Excellent noise isolation;
  • Foldable Design;
  • Very comfortable;
  • The design is quite plain – there’s nothing especially new to it.
[amazon box=”B015S2K05Y” template=”horizontal” description=” ” title=”MEE Audio Wave Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones with Headset Functionality”]

Final Verdict

MEE Audio Wave is, perhaps, designed in a straightforward way, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Anyhow, they’re exceptionally durable and provide an HD sound which would be more than enough to give it a high-value rating.

9Blueido T2+ Plus Turbine Wireless Headphones

[amazon box=”B00Q2Z4FTE” template=”fullimage” description=” ” image_size=”large” image=3]

The last subject of our review on the best cheap wireless phones is another Bluedio product – this time we’re reviewing the T2. It’s quite different from the T3, mainly in design, but we had to mention the older brother of the Bluedio T3.

The first, most notable difference is the design – T2 is designed in such a way where the earmuffs are attached to the headband in a way that they form a specific angle. This was done so that people who wear glasses would have more room, but it also improves the overall comfort rating for people who don’t.

Anyhow, Bluedio T2 is supplied with 57mm drivers (same as T3), and it can support FM broadcast and Micro SD cards (also, same as T3), but it has more than 40 hours of music time and the updated version of Bluetooth 4.1. It is available in four colors (Red and blue & black and white share the same design).

  • Bluetooth 4.1 – the latest version for wireless connectivity;
  • 57mm drivers for high-fidelity sound – absolute listening experience;
  • Rotating earcups – adjust them so that you feel comfortable;
  • More than 40 hours of playtime;
  • Different colors bring different design shapes, so we could say that the consistency is flawed.
[amazon box=”B00Q30P8IK” template=”horizontal” description=” “]

Final Verdict

Absolutely phenomenal for the price. Great sound, exceptionally durable and compact, FM broadcast and Micro SD cards support Bluetooth 4.1. You couldn’t ask for more for this price.

8JLab Audio Neon Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones

[amazon box=”B01MTLUYHL” template=”fullimage” title=”JLab Audio NEONHPB Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones” description=”Folding Headphone with Universal Mic” image=1 image_size=”large”]

JLab On-Ear headphones are wireless Bluetooth headphones which offer the longest playtime when compared to other products we’ve mentioned so far. The maximum of 13 hours is more than enough for an entire day of listening to music.

Anyway, that’s not the only reason why they’re unique – they are available in three vibrant colors, and they implement the use of C3 Sound which is considered to be extremely good for the price you pay. The lightweight design further improves the overall value of these headphones.

  • 13 hours of playtime;
  • Lightweight design;
  • Vibrant colors;
  • C3 sound technology;
  • They can be adjusted so that they feel comfortable, but if you get it wrong you might get bothered by the metal sliders;

Final Verdict

If you want headphones with extreme sound capabilities and the longest playtime, you might want to consider Jlab Headphones. Slight issues with comfortability, but valuable nonetheless.

[amazon box=”B01MTLUYHL” template=”horizontal” description=” “]

7Firegram Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

[amazon box=”B01AXGV900″ template=”fullimage” description=”For iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smartphones, Computers” title=”Firegram (TM) Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo On-Ear Wireless Headphones” image_size=”large” image=1]

Firegram has an odd design which is pretty hip – if you want to look urban while you are listening to your music, this is one way to do it. The adjustable headband can be affixed at various heights so that it could accommodate your head easily, and the built-in mic gives a quick hands-free solution.

The sound quality is decent, but the sound isolation capabilities of this product are off the charts – this will give you a personal one on one experience, leaving all the ambient noise out from your enjoyment. Pretty durable, and can be used both wireless and wired.

  • Decent sound quality – there are models that can do it better, but this headphone piece puts up to its price;
  • Built-in mic – a perfect solution for hands-free method of operation;
  • Comfortable – the adjustable headband will make sure you’re comfortable;
  • The design is peculiar, and some people would love it while some won’t find it attractive.

Final Verdict

You could hardly find a better model in the same price range. Not the best sound quality, but all of the other features make up for it in full. Solid quality and great value.

[amazon box=”B01AXGV900″ template=”horizontal” description=”For iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Smartphones, Computers” title=”Firegram (TM) Bluetooth 4.0 Stereo On-Ear Wireless Headphones”]

6Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Wireless Headphones

[amazon box=”B019C1MBWW” template=”fullimage” image=4 image_size=”large” description=” “]

We mentioned another Bluedio product earlier, but we’ll stick with T3 for the moment. They stick out from the rest of the headphone models in four ways. First of all, they come supplied with a 57mm tetanizing diaphragm that sends the electric signals quicker which had an enhanced sound performance as the result.

Secondly, they sound effects are 3D which means that they’re exceptionally good for music and movies. Thirdly, the Condenser Microphone will make sure that your voice is heard clearly while you talk. Lastly, the memory foam protein padding gives for a superior comfortability.

  • 57mm tetanizing diaphragm – superior sound capabilities;
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • 3D Sound effects – ideal for music and movies;
  • Condenser microphone – your voice will be heard clearly when you talk on your phone;
  • Memory foam padding – extremely comfortable to wear;
  • The price is not exactly “reliable”. If it wasn’t for the holiday sales, this model wouldn’t be on our list.

Final Verdict

A state-of-the-art headphone model. It’s supplied with everything you might need for a good time. Phenomenal value.

[amazon box=”B019C1MBWW” template=”horizontal” description=” “]

5AUSDOM AH2 On-Ear Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones

[amazon box=”B017SR5GHE” template=”fullimage” image_size=”large” image=6 description=”Over-Ear Stereo Bass Wireless Bluetooth4.0 Headphones with Built-in Microphone” title=”AUSDOM AH2 On-Ear Bluetooth 4.0 EDR Stereo Base Headphones”]

The beautiful black and red design is the first thing you will notice about this headphone set, but that’s one of the least important features it comes supplied with. The reason why AUSDOM AH2 On-ear headphones are on our list is because they excel in the field of performance.

First of all, they are very comfortable to use because of the leather ear cushions which also provide these headphones with optimal noise isolating capabilities. Secondly, they implement the use of AUSDOM sound technology which gives for a crystal-clear and accurate sound. The dynamic drivers & full frequency of response give a rich bass, phenomenal treble, and crispy highs. Learn more about EDR Technology here.

  • Phenomenal sound quality due to AUSDOM sound production technology;
  • Perfect equalizer;
  • Comfortable leather pads;
  • Bluetooth system of operation;
  • They’re on the brink of being expensive;

Final Verdict

Not the cheapest model on the market, but one of the best for the price. Great sound, ideal comfortability, and a multitude of outstanding features give for a phenomenal value.

[amazon box=”B017SR5GHE” template=”horizontal” description=”Over-Ear Stereo Bass Wireless Bluetooth4.0 Headphones with Built-in Microphone” title=”AUSDOM AH2 On-Ear Bluetooth 4.0 EDR Stereo Base Headphones”]

4Fleeken On-Ear Wireless Stereo Headphones

[amazon box=”B01EN0OUUS” template=”fullimage” image_size=”large” description=” “]

Fleeken Wireless headphones look amazing and perform very well. We could best describe the quality of these cheap wireless headphones by going in detail with the features it comes supplied with. It has a pair of high definition speakers that are able to provide a natural, accurate sound.

The built-in mic & in-line control give for a hands-free method of operation – set the volume, pause or play your music, select your songs, hang up or answer your calls with ease. As for comfortability – the Fleeken Cheap Wireless Headphones have soft leather pads that are extremely comfortable to the skin. The ergonomic design improves the durability and handiness of this headphone set.

  • Powerful high definition speakers – Phenomenal listening experience;
  • Built in mic and in-line control – Hands-free method of operation;
  • Soft leather pads – Very comfortable to wear;
  • Long battery lifetime – They can work up to 10 hours (8 h talking time, 100 h standby);
  • The cups won’t be able to seal off the ambient noise in full;

Final Verdict

Looking good, feeling good, and working well – what more could you want out of your headphones? The only flaw is that they have inferior noise isolating properties, but they will give you phenomenal sound and listening experience. Great value for the price.

[amazon box=”B01EN0OUUS” template=”horizontal” description=” “]

3Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

[amazon box=”B00WGMRD2S” template=”fullimage” image_size=”large” description=”Built-In Mic and Remote” title=”Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones”]

An excellent pair of cheap wireless headphones. Skullcandy Uproar got its name by the amazing sound output it provides – the phenomenal sound quality comes from the built-in speakers and outstanding noise canceling abilities.

If you’re a person that want’s a pair of durable headphones for a bargain price, you might want to consider these earphones. Their best features are the TapTech microphone and remote controls, and lightweight design. Skullcandy Uproar is available in 9 different colors, but the design may be different with some of these models.

  • Amazing sound qualityThe built-in speakers deliver the high-quality sound straight to your ear shells;
  • Great sound isolation capabilitiesThe reduction of ambient noise is one of the greatest features that Skullcandy Uproar comes supplied with;
  • Lightweight designYou won’t feel encumbered by these headphones even after prolonged usage;
  • Comfortable ear pillowsSmooth pillows are supplied with this model so that you feel comfortable while you use them;
  • Available in different colorsNine colors, to be precise, but keep in mind that some colors also have a different design;
  • An easy way to answer callsThe latest TapTech microphone technology was implemented so that you can answer your calls with a single push of a button;
  • This headphone set is durable, but the headband can be damaged if you adjust it too often;

Final Verdict

Finding a better set of headphones for this price might be a hard task. The sound and durability are very good, the price is terrific, and the manifold of colors for you to choose from add quite a value to these headphones.

[amazon box=”B00WGMRD2S” template=”horizontal” description=”Built-In Mic and Remote” title=”Skullcandy Uproar Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones”]

2Photive HF1 On-Ear Wireless Headphones

[amazon box=”B01G2WTEF6″ template=”fullimage” image_size=”large” description = “Sports Premium Stereo & Noise Isolating Sound – Best Portable Earphones For Music, PC Gaming, TV, SmartPhones – 12 Hour Battery” title=”Photive HF1 On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones” image=2]

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Another model with an outstanding design – Photive HF1 has all the performance of a gaming headphone set which means that the sound quality is guaranteed. It has a total of 12 hour of play music, 26 hours of standby, and it’s supplied with various features and settings that will improve your listening experience.

Volume and track selection are just some of them, but what should really interest you is the small over-ear design – these headphones are built in such a way that they adjust to your ear while providing comfort.

  • Ideal for Music and PC gaming;
  • Compatible with most electronic devices;
  • Bluetooth compatible;
  • Small, compact design;
  • High fidelity sound;
  • People with big thumbs might find it pretty hard to adjust the controls which are located on the sides of the earmuffs.

Final Verdict

These headphones are simply amazing. Even though they’re quite small, they pack quite a punch when it comes to audio performance and design. Outstanding value.

[amazon box=”B01G2WTEF6″ template=”horizontal” description = “Sports Premium Stereo & Noise Isolating Sound – Best Portable Earphones For Music, PC Gaming, TV, SmartPhones – 12 Hour Battery” title=”Photive HF1 On-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Headphones”]

1Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless RF Headphones

[amazon box=”B0001FTVEK” template=”fullimage” image_size=”large” description=” “]

Sennheiser is a very serious brand and is considered to be one of the leading names in the Headphone Industry. Their models are absolutely perfect, and RS120 Wireless Headphones are not an exception. The only reason why this model happened to be on our list of the Best Cheap Wireless Headphone is that its price went down due to holidays, so what are you waiting for?

You could hardly make a mistake if you go with Sennheiser RS120 as its features are absolutely superior to any other model of this category. The sound is extremely accurate, pure and rich, the design is very comfortable, and the price is quite affordable.

  • The set includes the wireless headphones, a transmitter, and 2 AAA NiMh batteries;
  • Lightweight design;
  • Interference-free reception;
  • Superior sound quality;
  • Exquisitely durable;
  • This model is not compatible with the current Bluetooth technology;

Final Verdict

If you don’t mind the lack of Bluetooth software, this is your best bet – plain and simple. Extremely valuable headphones.

[amazon box=”B0001FTVEK” template=”horizontal” description=” ” image=1]