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Sentey Arches GS 4730 Review

We made the Sentey Arches GS 4730 review for anyone who is searching for gaming headphones of high-quality. They’re different from the regular headphones in many ways, and we intend to show you how and why.

Sentey Arches GS 4730, Black
Virtual 7.1 USB DAC Gaming Headset Arches with Vibration Intelligent Gaming Headphone with In-line Control

The Sentey brand holds the line of superior gaming headphones (such as Sentey Blue arrow gaming headset and Sentey Red Arrow analog, for example), and we’ve singled out the Arches GS 4730 because it holds an exceptional value which is derived from the great overall features.

The features of Sentey Arches GS 4730

Sentey Arches GS 4730 ReviewThe GS-4730 are gaming headphones ­which do not mean that they’re restricted for the rest of the world.

They’re optimized for HD sounds and frequencies which gamers require. You can expect a lot out of any headphone set of this type, but this model, in particular, comes equipped with features that outmatch all the similar models.

Sound Quality

One of the major concerns that we wish to clarify in the Sentey Arches GS 4730 review is the sound quality of these headphones:

  • Excellent sound due to high-quality speakers;

The 7.1 Digital surround system was integrated into the headset and is one of the most important factors that determine the high-quality sound. As mentioned before, these gamers headphones are specifically designed so that they provide a clearer sound when compared to the traditional stereo headphones which make them superior in all aspects.

Noise Isolation

Another very important factor is the isolation of outside noise. The reduction of ambient noise keeps it out – you can focus on your gaming or listening so that your experience is full and rich. The protein cushions are also very durable and comfortable to wear. This headset provides

  • Tremendous noise isolation due to over-ear pads;


The second factor of our Sentey Arches GS 4730 review is the communication. Speaking over your earphones via microphones should be easy and the sound output should be clear and uninterrupted, and these headphones are able to give you that.

  • High-quality omnidirectional tilting microphone with a retractable arm;

You can learn more about the omnidirectional pattern from here. First of all, the microphone which was supplied to this headpiece set can be adjusted – you can easily set it in any direction so that you can comfortably speak over your phones. Secondly, speaking over it is easy and the sound is clear.

The design of GS 4730

Sentey Arches GS 4730 ReviewIf you’re a person who values comfort, you might be interested in these headphones. The protein cushion cups and memory foam padding are more than capable of satisfying this need. On top of all, the adjustable design of the headband is quite practical because you can set the width as you please.

All in all, the design of GS-4730 is quite plain and straightforward – they have an attractive design, they’re adjustable and very comfortable to wear.

The performance of GS 4730

The issue of performance is the primary focus of the Sentey Arches GS-4730 – you wouldn’t find much use of headphones that are comfortable if they are not capable of providing a solid sound output. As we’ve already mentioned the Digital surrounds system outputs the sound of very high-quality which, combined with the ambient noise reduction gives an amazing performance.

Value for the price

The previous two segments of our Sentey Arches GS 4730 review should give you a clear picture of the value for the price. However, if that’s not the case, we will keep it simple – with an amazing design rating, the great features rating, and the superior Performance rating, this headphone set is extremely valuable for the price.

The “good” and “bad” about Sentey GS 4730

Even though these headphones are extremely valuable and reliable, they are still not perfect. We’ve mentioned most of the “good” sides about this product, but we should also note that there is also a “bad” side.

The pros of GS 4730 are

  • the outstanding features,
  • exceptional value,
  • majestic performance, and
  • the comfortable design.

The cons of this headphone set are as following:

  • They’re not too good for people who wear glasses as they tend to push them which causes slight discomfort;
  • The volume control allows you to set the volume levels above the safe zones. Most standard headphones are capped, so if you’re not careful you might end up with hearing issues over time;
  • The bass output is amazing, but it vibrates quite a lot.

Keep in mind that these “flaws” can also be “benefits” if you know how to take advantage of them (with the exception of the first one). Some people like strong and deep bass, so if you combine it with a moderate volume you will not have hearing issues and have a rich listening experience.

Final Verdict

To conclude our Sentey Arches GS 4730 review, we give you the final verdict of this headpiece set. Excellent sound and features can compromise for the slight problems with comfort (specifically, for people who wear glasses), and you will definitely be satisfied with the overall performance.

Sentey Arches GS 4730, Black
Virtual 7.1 USB DAC Gaming Headset Arches with Vibration Intelligent Gaming Headphone with In-line Control

These headphones are extremely valuable for the price, but we can’t say that they’re perfect. They’re mainly gaming headphones – they are superior to most standard stereo headphones, but the performance qualities are best implemented in gaming. The clear sound output is too pronounced, and the sound volume isn’t capped so you may end up with hearing problems.

However, this headpiece set is phenomenal if you’re careful and if you know how to benefit from the vast amount of advantages these headphones offer. Very valuable and very cost-effective.


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