phaiser bhs-730-review

Most people can tell a difference between a good headphone set and a bad one. However, that is not such an easy task when we want to discern the good from the best. That’s the main point of interest in our Phaiser BHS-730 review – showing you exactly why and how superior it is when compared to other headphone sets.

Phaiser BHS-730 Bluetooth Headphones Headset Sport Earphones with Mic and Lifetime Sweatproof Guarantee - Wireless Earbuds for Running, Blackout
  • HD SOUND - 8mm Speakers combined with Bluetooth 4.1 create super accurate HD sound with powerful bass. The bullet-shaped Comply T-400 M memory foam tips provide Total Isolation from external noise.
  • MAGNETIC - Easily stow your Earbuds by wearing them around your neck. Instantly access your Earphones anytime without searching your pockets. Looks cool as well!
  • SWEAT PROOF - Say Goodbye to Water-Damage! Protected by Liquipel Nano Coating your Buds withstand sweaty workouts and will survive accidental dropping into water - Guaranteed!
  • SECURE FIT - The patented winged earphone tips hold your Buds in place during rigorous workouts. Over- and Under-Ear fit options included.
  • LIFETIME SWEATPROOF WARRANTY - Don't be afraid to push your workouts to the max! We'll replace your Earbuds if they ever get damaged by sweat! No questions asked.

The features of Phaiser BHS-730

This headphone set comes supplied with simple features that are more than capable of providing you with a unique listening experience. The Phaiser BHS-730 comes supplied with:

The winged tips

Not only they look attractive, they are extremely comfortable to wear as well. The bullet-shaped cushions are one of the main features of Phaiser BHS-730, and they are both sweat and water resistant.

Secure Fit Mechanics

Best Wireless Earbuds for Running & Sport This is a very valuable feature for people who’re into sports. Most people have problems with their headphones falling out during their training, but you can be sure that it won’t happen to you with this headphone set.

Compact magnets for easy storage

These magnets are used to safely fold your headphones – knowing that most people have problems with entwined earphones, the Phaiser manufacturers went an extra mile for their customers and fixed this problem.

HD sound due to 8mm speakers

This is the main reason you should consider these earphones – the sound quality that this model transmits is superior to that of most similar models. The 8mm speakers are just large enough to transmit an accurate and powerful sound – perfect equalizer for strong bass and crispy highs.

Phenomenal noise canceling abilities

The last feature of Phaiser BHS-730 is the noise cancellation – the bullet-shaped tips are coated with memory foam, leaving the ambient noise outside.

The design of Phaiser BHS-730

The Phaiser BHS-730 is designed in a very simple way. The attractive tips look beautiful and unique while the entire design of these earphones is plain and straightforward. However, it won’t hurt to mention that BHS-730 is also:

Very durable

Being made from the Aviation-grade aluminum-magnesium-alloy (learn more about Aviation-grade aluminum) makes the tips of these earphones extremely durable and lightweight. As mentioned before, they are also waterproof and sweat resistant due to Liquipel Nano-coating, although they shouldn’t be used when swimming.

Bluetooth 4.1

These earphones come supplied with the modern 4.1 Bluetooth– connecting to your mobile device or WiFi is fast and safe. This technology also increases the battery life of your headphones which is ideal for traveling.

Optimal length

Long cables could be a problem when it comes to untwining them, but you won’t have this problem as Phaiser BHS-730 has optimal length – These wireless earbuds are just long enough to reach your ears while they are connected to your music devices via Bluetooth.

Available in five colors

This model comes in five vivid colors. This does not have such an impact on the overall design except for the cord and the music control buttons.

The performance of Phaiser BHS-730

The performance of this great model can best be described as awesome and overwhelming. The sound output is absolutely phenomenal, and all credit goes to the 8mm speakers and aviation-grade tips. They’re ideal for:

Sports people

They don’t fall out because of the secure fit design which makes them ideal for any kind of training. They’re also sweat resistant, so you don’t need to fret about them getting damaged while you exercise or jog.

People who like their music loud:

Very strong bass and crispy highs can easily satisfy the needs of people who like to rock out or pump up the volume of their music.

Value for the price

Simply saying that Phaiser BHS-730 is very valuable won’t do – there’s more to it. We could see the value of this headset through two different perspectives – if we compare the price or if we compare the features of the similar models:

If we compare the price

Then we would have to say that these earphones have an average value. There are a lot of models that are less expensive and which are used for the main purpose, but there are also models of earphones that cost more but are still inferior to Phaiser BHS-730.

If we compare the features

We could easily come up to the conclusion that there are not many models that can do as much as Phaiser BHS-730 can and that it’s extremely valuable.
The truth is somewhere in between. It’s a phenomenal earphone set, but it’s not perfect. The sheer notion of that leads us to the next section of our Phaiser BHS-730 review:

Pros of Phaiser BHS-730

  • tremendous noise canceling capabilities
  • excellent sound output
  • practical
  • beautiful design
  • Cons of Phaiser BHS-730

Cons of Phaiser BHS730

Even though this wireless earbud has top pros, it still has some flaws. Anyhow, if you know how to handle your earphones, you might even call this product “perfect”.

  • The tips should not be replaced unless the substitutes are exactly the same – This might lead to lower comfort level or a different overall feel of your headphones.
  • The battery lifespan is not too great – However, they are easily and quickly rechargeable.
  • The Bluetooth has a short range – This won’t be a problem if you are using a device that’s in your pocket, hand, or somewhere in the proximity.

Final Verdict

Taking all of this into consideration we could say that Phaiser BHS-730 earphones are designed with majestic features. They also boast an incredible value due to high performance, but they’re quite expensive. All in all, if you want a unique listening experience, this might be a good idea to start your search. However, I suggest to have a look at Phaiser BHS 750 before you make a purchase. And if you think you need a much higher-end In-ear Wireless sports headphone, you must read the review of Beats Powerbeats3.