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Jack by Podo Labs is a $40 gadget that will allow you to use your wired headphones without connecting to the device.

The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 left the throngs of those customers devastated who had invested in a pair of high-end headphones.

Though the idea was quite unpopular, to begin with, all the evidence indicates that headphone jacks, as we know them, will soon become a relic of history.

Jack by Podo Labs iPhone no headphone jack

For those who want to ensure that their expensive and valuable headphones are not rendered useless by the rapidly changing technology, an elegant solution has been brought forth by the Podo Labs.

On its launch, Jack by Podo Labs received an overwhelming public response. The crowdfunding campaign launched by the company met its goal of $20,000 in just under three hours. The campaign had raised more than $800,000 by the time it closed.

With Jack, all you need is to plug your headset into the 3.5mm input port of this tiny device and connect Jack via Bluetooth to your mobile phone.

The Jack Bundle

The Jack kit comes in a hard, plastic shell case. Apart from the iPod Shuffle lookalike Jack, the bundle contains a pair of in-ear style headphones equipped with an in-line microphone.

Jack by Podo Labs
Jack by Podo Labs

The design of Jack is modernistic, and the tiny tapered rectangular device comes multiple colors. Jack is available in black and gunmetal gray, navy blue and gold, & gold and white color combos.

Jack by Podo Labs

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One face of the Jack is fitted with the classic 3.5mm headphone jack to plug in your earphones; while the button on the other face provides access to additional features. The backside of the Jack has a metal clip shaped like a tie pin.

The lightweight design and clip-on style of the Jack make it easy to carry around and use.


Variable modes are available in Jack. When used as a receiver, the device allows the user to plug in headphones into the 3.5mm port.

The sound signals are received from the audio gadgets connected via Bluetooth to the Jack. Another useful feature is the automatic connection of Jack with your phone whenever it is in Bluetooth range.

Sharing or sync mode is the most exciting feature of Jack. With the sharing mode, you can bid farewell to the days when you used to share the other earpiece of your headset with your bestie to enjoy a song together.

Jack by the Podo Labs

All it takes is a touch of the sync button on the Jack of both the headphones to share the songs. The sync feature also ensures that the audio being played on the two devices is completely is completely in sync.

Jack uses a separate module for sound signal reception and re-broadcast implying that the gadget is completely compatible with all the Bluetooth. Jack can also detect audio transmission via the 3.5mm port and thus pair with any standard Bluetooth earphone set as well. The users can also use any auxiliary cord to connect to 3.55mm stereo output.

Battery and Connectivity Options

Jack employs the Bluetooth 4.2 and is backward compatible.  A 300mAh battery powers up the gadget.

Jack by the Podo Labs

Given the low power usage, it can last up to 12 hours when fully charged. The battery can be juiced up via the microUSB port.

Codec & Sound Quality

The high-quality hardware of Jack ensures an impeccable audio quality for all the audiophiles out there. For the codec, Jack uses aptX codec which sounds best when playing very high-quality audio files.

Podo Labs claims that the codec delivers CD-quality music. However, the audio experience will depend on the headphones you have. Since Jack targets the audio lovers and those who invest in high-end headphones, the sound quality is guaranteed. Jack can deliver full blast on the headphones as offering as much as 600ohms of resistance.

The adaptability, high-end audio experience, and above all, the sync feature for sharing music make Jack an ultimate gadget for every audiophile.

Learn more about Jack by Podo Labs in this video:

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