best headphone brands

Sennheisery headphones? The market is always a dynamic place, giving you the possibility to pick and choose to your heart’s content, so picking the right brand can give you a headache sometimes. Keep in mind that sometimes “brand” does translate to “quality”, so keep an ear out for some of these brands. Between tradition and modernity, you can always choose the right combo. Mind, though, that bigger manufacturers do not always pay attention to quality due to their mass production, and the price can’t always lead to a good quality.

To save you from a headache, We made a list of the most reliable brands as 7 Best Headphone Brands. you can find on the market right now. Some things are rapidly changing. On the other hand, certain things stay the same with their long tradition. The only thing left is to choose the right one depending on your own lifestyle, favorite music and, of course, your budget.

7Sennheiser Headphones

Founded in 1945 as ”Laboratorium Wennebostel“ by Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser

Sennheiser’ specialty is making the perfect sound and offering the unique link between tradition and modernity. Sennheiser is for those wanting a real innovation in their life. Really important thing is their focus on headphone and microphone manufacturing, which begins with design and finding the right materials, then translates to the production line. Their modernity came with wireless technology and in 1996, the company even received an Emmy Award for their advanced achievements.

Momentum Wireless – this is a new and modern rig. With a microphone, Bluetooth, wireless and NoiseGard™ included, this is you guarantee for the comfort that you need. High definition of sound and neutralization of any external noise offer the real travel experience.

PXC 480 – If you are always on the move, traveling a lot, with a crew or alone, and nothing feels the same without your music on, you know where to turn on. With 50 hours of battery life on a single charge, Sennheiser PXC 480 gives you the best performance. Whether you want to experience ambient environment or a full sound and audio experience, this product is the right choice for you. You can get it for $499.95.

PXC 250-IIVery affordable and still with some very good characteristics and well-known quality. With the NoiseGard™ technology that reduces up to 80% of background noises, durability for about 50-hour battery life this is a model that will satisfy your everyday need. With this one, you will get a good sound experience in high-end stereo quality or with surround sound. Possibility to turn on or turn off noise background canceling is a good deal. You can also choose to use these headphones wired or wireless with Bluetooth.

Their passion for modernity, on the one hand, and a deep relationship with tradition on the other makes a perfect combination for everyday life and professional use.

6BOSE Corporation

Specializing in audio equipment and founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, this company is a growing brand.

Check out some of their best products.

QuietComfort 35

QuietComfort 35 – These Bose headphones will free you from the anxiety of possible wire tangling and let you taste the freedom of wireless connection. One of the best comfort places you will ever be. With one of the best Noise Canceling system, you can make your own world sound better. With very best Bluetooth and NFC pairing, you will be able to have noise free calls even in a noisy environment. The design is very durable and stretching. Portable charge and Bluetooth is one of the features. You can use them wired and your battery will last for about 40 hours, or wireless with 20 hours battery life approximately. You can always choose whether you want to cancel the outside life or to let it dance with you.

QuietComfort 25

QuietComfort 25 – Designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod models. Small, comfortable model you can carry with your suitcase anywhere you go, all day long. With Noise reduction system, clear, powerful and deep sound you will get a full package. Sporty and classy at the same time, they are available for $299.95. Not that cheap, but at this cost, you get good quality and aesthetic design. The proof is the Award for Best on-ear headphones in 2014.


Soundlink® on-ear Bluetooth® headphone – Listed with a new low price at the moment on their web-site, it is something you should consider. They include a 2-way microphone system, Bluetooth and a lithium-ion battery, characteristics which should not be ignored. With noise reduction system as their greatest advantage, this model offers you the best sound at this price. Good and natural sound with high frequencies. These headphones come in two different colors: black and white. There are a two-way microphone system and something Bose calls Adaptive adjustment technology. It does cost a pretty penny, but rest assured you’ll hear where the money went.

5Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation was founded in 1946. Over the years this multinational conglomerate has kept their offer of unique products and well-established quality alive and kicking. Check out these outstanding new and featured products. The sonic boy is the meaning of their logo and it sounds quite interesting. This company built their first tape recorder in Japan and over a span of a couple of decades they grew into one of the biggest manufacturers in the world.

Sony h.ear Headphones

Sony h.ear on Hi-Res Stereo Headphones “Breathtaking sound has never looked so good” and damn, they are right! Simplicity is often the best choice. The rig comes with a good quality build that will offer you clear and noise canceling sound, Bluetooth feature and a microphone. Battery life is approximately 20 hours wireless. The sound is good with a lot of different genre settings. On the other hand, they are not intended for professional use.

You can use this model cable free or with in-line remote. They come in few colors and the size is very compact and easy for traveling.


MDR1000X Premium Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone –  Sony Corporation announced their newest headphones – the new Sense Engine, which can take into account your head shape and factor it in the Noise Canceling feature. If you want to mix your favorite music with your surroundings you can turn on the Ambient Mode that will let through low-level sounds. At the cost of $400 this Sony headphones can be yours starting from October 2016.


Founded in 1962, this company expanded their market offer and has devoted itself to creating high-performance audio equipment. 

This company made one of the earliest headset microphones for stage use. It makes a lot of difference when someone wants to break the ground and show the world the newest possibilities. Offering a wide range of products is their specialty and their headphones are one of the best considering many happy costumers.


ATH-M50x – If you’re looking for the best combination of professional and everyday use, these are the right headphones for you. Professional ear-pad, high-frequency range, and deep bass are the right urban mode for younglings. This M-Series by Audio-Technica is probably the best choice considering many positive reviews and the price range.


ATH-ANC9 – That Noise Cancelling feature is the tip of the iceberg for the 21st century. Besides the outstanding 95% noise reduction, this model offers a new feature – the Tri-Level Cancellation™. An innovation from Audio-Technica, this feature gives you plenty of custom choices. You can choose the level of noise reduction depending on your environment, or enjoy some ambient sound in a pleasurable and cozy environment, stretching from a high-up range (Level 1) to a middle droning reduction (Level 2)


ATH-PRO700MK2 Professional DJ Monitor Headphones – Finally, the very best from Audio-Technica! If you like DJ’ing and a deep and strong bass line is the most important thing to you, this is the right choice. Offering refined and superb components with a fine bass response, you and the crowd will get full pleasure. A big plus is the item’s lightweight and very long persistence.

3AKG Acoustics

AKG Acoustics aka Acoustic and Cinema Equipment was founded in Vienna way back in 1947. They started out with many different patterns, but the one that made them stand out was the famous c414 microphone. Specializing in professional audio equipment worldwide, they offer some good quality headphones.


K812 – Music is your passion and the most important thing in your professional carrier is sound. With AKG K812 headphones you will be able to experience even the slightest detail surrounded by pure sound. Considering these headphones are intended for professional use, this manufacturer pays attention to the smallest detail. For example, you can thank the 1.5 Tesla magnet system for the purified and sonic details. When realized, AKG was very proud of this model. They were representing K812 as their biggest achievement. Even though this company is a big manufacturer, they achieved to make a good compromise between science and handcrafting.


K872 – The very new model by AKG brings some well-known features, such as the 1.5 Tesla magnet system. This model stands out because it represents the pinnacle of this brand. It has it all: best quality sound engineering, a closed-back design that will assure your need for clear and deep sound and very comfortable design. If you are working in some demanding mixing environments where there is outside sound, this closed-back design is the best for you.


K240 – This is not a new model by AKG, but these headphones have a very good review by a number of customers. It has all of the good features: noise reduction, high-frequency sound and a deep and clear bass. The most important feature that makes a difference from the previous models is a Semi-open technology that will give you a pleasure of solid bass range. Last but not the least; patented Varimotion 30mm XXL transducer will give you a precise signal transfer.

2Shure products

This company was founded by Sidney N. Shure in Chicago, Illinois in 1925. Started as a supplier for radio parts kits at a time when radio represented the true value. 

During the decades of work, they expanded their offer by producing professional audio equipment. Since 2014, this manufacturer has started offering on-ear headphones with two different types of design: semi-open and closed back. The real difference between these most common models is the choice of letting in or shutting down the environmental sound.


SRH-840 – These headphones by Shure will give you the opportunity to hear the refined sound of each instrument when listening to your favorite music. Closed back design will neutralize every outside distraction. They are intended for professional and studio recording and they are one of the best monitoring headphones. The plastic material may be the biggest issue most of the costumers complained about. Coiled cable and the 480-degree ear cup are also a good deal. Overall, this set of headphones is worth your money.


SRH-1840 – Very open and clear sound. Powerful and well-extended bass even it is not of the highest quality. Compared to the previous model, this one has an open back so you will be able to enjoy the sound of the world while listening to your favorite artist (whatever floats your boat). The design features a combo of plastic and metal, which can be very pleasing on the eyes, and also more durable. Even though they sport some metal details, these headphones are still very lightweight and comfortable for traveling.


Founded in 2009, in California, the company is known as the latest technological scream of the industry, dealing with innovative audio engineering and quality materials. Using their headphones for listening to your favorite music, critical listening or studio recording makes you want to say: “Welcome to the major leagues!”

Audeze LCD-3

Audeze LCD-3 Not everyday headphones and for ones who will appreciate them with most care. These are back-open headphones, so using them in a crowded or noisy environment is not recommended. The most important thing that makes a difference are “planar magnetic” drivers instead traditional technology. As a result, you will get a faster sound response and a real sparkle in the bass for a clear, extended and very deep tone.

Wooden parts are handcrafted, and the design is very flexible and luxurious. You can feel the magic even before trying them on. This retro style is a must nowadays. It’s not only about the brand itself, it’s about lifestyle! If you have any misgivings, consider the fact that this blast from the past is absolutely contemporary. The lamb skin on ear pads makes them very comfortable. Understandably, they take a big buck, but the bang is even bigger, as they are quite more expensive than other same-class models.

LCD-XC Closed-Back Headphones

LCD-XC Closed-Back Headphones – Unlike the previous model, these Audeze headphones will allow you to enjoy the sound without any outside distractions. Complete noise-canceling is on the market! The planar magnetic technology allows you to sense the greatness of this brand, providing a wide surrounding, purified sound with high resolution. The deep bass on this thing is something you will definitely enjoy due to closed-back design. As far as the build goes, the frame is metal, and the cups are lined with real leather, making the rig very durable. In this case, quality is guaranteed.


EL-8 – This model by Audeze is more affordable and still it can guarantee excellent quality. It comes in two types: open-back and closed-back design. Precise sound, fast response, near zero distortion and diaphragms designed to hasten the response time are just the tip of the iceberg. The Fazor Elements feature reduces the possibility of sound resonance to near zero. Light and comfortable to use, and the price, although reaching the deep end of the pool, will not break the bank.
All things considered, there’s no avoiding that hearing is one of our basic five senses. Before ever opening their eyes, newborn babies hear their own voices, and this affects every human deeply on a neurological level, so our search for the perfect sound should come as no surprise. Luckily, with the advent and ever more rapid development of technology, the quest seems to become ever easier.

When it comes to sound engineering, developing of science is faster than ever. In this big crowded society, with all the noise around us, engineers make a stand. Developing features like Noise reduction, they are protesting louder than ever! Sure enough, the rest of us take the results of their work for granted, but we share one thing in common – the desire for innovation. And, in our case – with some crème and sugar on top, if possible.